Saturday, 3 January 2015

30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge

   To kick off 2015 I've signed up for the

                                        Looking East, 6 x 6", oil on board
                                        $100, unframed, shipping included

         Over 1200 artists have joined so far. The main purpose is simply to commit to painting every day and have fun doing it.  While I usually do paint every day I don't necessarily do it with a firm focus to produce something I would post online for other eyes to see.  So this ups the ante a bit more.  I'm already behind by two days because I was busy preparing for  the my show at the Lewis and Clark Library that hangs through February, so my 30 days will end February 2nd.

       My intention is to paint 30 small landscapes of the Helena area.  Each will be priced at $100 or auctioned off.

       As a landscape painter I am passionate about preserving the natural landscape. So, for this 30 day challenge I am partnering with Prickly Pear Land Trust here in Helena and will donate 20% of my sales to them.  This deal also applies to any of my Montana paintings that are now on exhibit at the Lewis and Clark Library.  
                          Opening reception is Tuesday, Jan 6th, 6-7pm           
                                 Please come by and say hello!


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