Sunday, 6 March 2016

New Work for Russell Week

                                            Huddle,  oil on board,  11 x 14" ,  $600.

     Russell Week, for those of you non western art followers,  is a big week for western art in, of all places,  Great Falls, Montana, where I went to high school.   I never would have thought in the 60's that Great Falls would become an art town.  But,  thanks to Charles Marion Russell and his followers,  the C.M. Russell Museum started an annual auction and it has grown into one of the biggest auctions of western art bringing in over $1 million in sales.  The major hotels turn their rooms into galleries for the hundreds of artists that come to exhibit their paintings and  sculpture.

      I will be participating for the first time in the Out West Art Show in the Heritage Inn.  The dates are March 17th - 19th.  Room 175.  

      The image above is one of the new pieces that I will be exhibiting in the show.