Monday, 27 May 2013

French Colonial Architecture of St. Louis

I opened the Waaw door to the street this morning at 6am  to find three talibes sleeping on our doorstep - probably ages 9 - 12.  They got up to let me pass but 45 minutes later when I returned they were still there sound asleep.  I had restless sleep last night dreaming of the chaos on the streets - the talibes begging for food,  the vendors tugging at you to buy.  The three young boys sleeping on the hard concrete of our doorway just adds to the emotional conflict I am experiencing here.  

The dust is so thick in the air that even though the sky is clear there is no sign of the sun and no shadows yet.  Just a murky haze.  My intention is to photograph some of the wonderful buildings, so,short of ideal light, I will take photos anyway.  

The old part of St. Louis, an island in the middle of the Senegal River, is a UNESCO world heritage site. Some renovation is taking place but most buildings are decaying. Nevertheless, the beauty of their details still comes through.

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  1. Wonderful photos, Carolyn. They look like paintings already! Can't wait to see what you distill from it all.