Saturday, 8 January 2011

Trapeze Dreams

     I love dreams where I wake up feeling wonderful.  Recently I dreamed that I was part of a group learning trapeze.  There were safety nets but I was afraid to climb up and leap.  Then another woman scrambled up to the  top and I saw I that if she could do it I could, too.   So I climbed quickly to the top and grabbed the trapeze and hung from my knees and felt the exhilaration of flying through the air effortlessly.

  Why don't we do this more often?  The net's there, and we may find bouncing off the net fun, too.

My intention for the new year is to grab that trapeze and enjoy the flight.  How about you?


  1. Hi Carolyn
    I actualy had a wonderful expierience a number of years ago while I was in Baltimore at a cheer leaders convention. I was accompanying my friend and her two daughters who were 13 year old cheer leaders from Oxford Me.
    While jogging one morning I happened upon a Trapeze school offering lessons. On my return to Cheer leading headquarters at the hotel I told the story of what I had discovered. The next day we all signed up and went swinging and summersaulting through the air !
    It was perfect !
    Here are the words to a song that I wrote about the trip to Baltimore four years ago.


  2. here are the words

    C G
    Traveled down to Baltimore to roll the dice
    Cheer leading girls and a bucket of ice
    C G F
    Trying to keep cool dancing in the middle of a fire
    C G
    You sat with me as we flew through the air
    Then you ran through the city and you took the chair
    C G F
    Jogging with a cell phone slipping and sliding away

    F C
    The world keeps on spinning
    F C
    You don’t always have to try
    F Em Dm Am G F# F G (run)
    Like a feather……….you can fly………….

    You climbed up high to the flying trapeze
    Hanging from your hands and the backs of your knees
    Took a leap of from the platform high in the sky
    Standing by the net with my feet on the ground
    taking family movies of you swinging around
    I was trying to let you go ,flying free as a bird


    I’d like to give you space as you come back down
    Catch your lucky stars put your feet on the ground
    I’d like to send a light to the dark side of your moon
    I’ve been sitting in limbo for way too long searching my soul and singing my song
    I really want to hold you ,help you come back home

    Am ,G , F#, F ,
    End of chorus………………..repeats a few times ,and end with..
    C G F
    I’d realy like to send a light to the dark side of your moon ( while slowing )

  3. One more correction...It is a bit confusing how to post a comment .
    They were posted under Ianas Goole ID but... this is my story
    Technology is a challenge

    Carolyn your story was a good one and it is nice to be inspired


  4. Thank you, Geoff. Good song - captures the point exactly.